How to set the alarm

Touch the screen to display the menu

Select an alarm.

You can select from the set times.
Otherwise, touch New.

Set the hour.
Touch the switches from 1 to 12.

You can also set the hour by touching + many times.

Finally touch the hour.

Set the minutes.
The setting is every 5 minutes.
You can also set the minute by touching + multiple times.

Finally touch the minute.

Please set the day of the week to move the awakening
To prevent troubles, use it as it is if there is no problem.

Other settings can be set from Other.
If you want to change the intensity of the awakening or snooze, touch Other.

You can check how to stop the alarm, and the voice with test.

Only “puzzle alarm pro” has this setting.
The message differs depending on the destination.

Touch Close to return to the first screen.