Introduction of Walk Timer

Well, when I’m watching in a movie, the work of the trainer is roughly divided into two.

Technical guidance and time keeper ,,,

Physical and Mental Support ,,

It is an application that will perform its mental support mechanically but partially.

For people who can do everything, it can be used to check if the pace distribution is appropriate, and for those who can not do it, it can be used to update the self-recording.

Well, it is an image of a marathon.

Please forgive me that you can only notify the time up to 1 hour.

We recognize as problem, but as voice data creation is quite time-consuming ,,,,

Please give me some time.

It is a timer to talk the elapsed time every fixed time.
What is the information you need?
Isn’t that a goal?

Because there is a goal, humans can do their best.
The number is what made the goal visible to anyone.

One of the numbers is time.

It is this application that notifies the elapsed time every fixed time.

The world is bound by time.

Competition is also a battle against time.
Most sports compete for results per unit time.

Although it is an application that only talks the elapsed time at regular intervals, it can be helpful depending on how it is used.

The elapsed time will be reported at intervals of 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes and 10 minutes.

It is also an application created by a request from an acquaintance.

Apply eye drops A.
Close ~ eyes. 3 minutes
5 minutes break

Apply eye drops B.
Close ~ eyes. 3 minutes
5 minutes break

Apply eye drops C.
Close ~ eyes. 3 minutes
10 minutes break

Apply eye drops D.
Close ~ eyes. 3 minutes

This is the instruction from the doctor.
Can you do this alone without family support?

With this application, you can do something impossible with such other timer applications.

It is not possible to do it with the application which does not consider its use, or it is very troublesome if you try to go.

I wrote variously, but it is an application that can be used variously depending on the way of thinking.

Of course, you can use it on the notification screen.
You can start the timer and put it in your chest pocket for a walk.

There is also a function as a call timer.

Please try by all means try.

・ Easy operation
・ Superior visibility
・ You can choose wallpaper
・ The second hand turns
・ Reading function of elapsed time every fixed time

・ Clock display function
・ Wallpaper display function
・ Voice notification function

I started porting the application.

Since the system is old for two generations, it is hard to adjust to the latest system.

In the latest system, the emoticons are getting bigger.
You can change directly by touching.

Constellation also ,,,

The result is somewhat flashy.
Sound effects are also attached.

The sale of this application is not a function.

Cuteness ,, Please set an alarm and try using it for 3 minutes.

Without closing the application ,,,

Please do not expect a witty action.

It will only move as set.

Select the call timer, start the timer ,,,

It talk about start and stop, but it is silent. That is the function required for the call timer.

Even if it passes after 5 minutes it will keep moving even after 10 minutes.

The timer moves for up to 8 hours.

It is really a good kind of application if it port to Apple watch.

But I am poor, so I can not buy it because I do not have money.

Even if the kitchen timer talks elapsed time on a regular basis, only the first one or two times are needed ,,,

But what if this is a sports trainer?

Do not you think that it is convenient to tell the elapsed time while jogging?

If you widen the notification interval, notifications of 2 hours and 3 hours are possible.

If there is a demand, I would like to respond if there is a surplus.

It is an application which speaks the time which passes for every specified time.

Although I can not specify the notification interval finely, I can still use it as a kitchen timer to talk.

Talking TimerS download page👈

S.Timer is an IPhone / IPad Alarm Clock application.

Launch the application when setting the alarm.
Launch the application when stopping the alarm.

Alarm activation time is limited to 30 minutes, but it is very powerful.

App Store→S.Timer

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