Introduction of S.Watch

What do you think is the function required for the call timer?

Is there any problem with the application being launched during a call?

After all, there is no choice but to use the notification function.

It seems that cheap smartphone is earning with calling charges!
With an extension fee that is out of free calls ,,,
Moreover, it is free only by phone from specialized application ,,,

How will you manage phone hours?

Call timer,The type of app you can call from there is useless.

Eventually I have no choice but to use the notification function.

What should I speak in the notice?

The information the customer wants is elapsed time.

It is an application notifying elapsed time every 30 seconds.

There are ingenuity that you can understand time even in manner mode.

Talk time for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes ,,,

In case of 5 minutes setting, vibration twice at 3 minute time point
It oscillates three times at 4 minutes.

S.Watch download page👈

S.Timer is an IPhone / IPad Alarm Clock application.

Launch the application when setting the alarm.
Launch the application when stopping the alarm.

Alarm activation time is limited to 30 minutes, but it is very powerful.

App Store→S.Timer


Morning only alarm
Introduction of A.Clock

👉App Store→A.Clock