Privacy policy of “S.Watch”

Privacy policy of “S.Watch”
It is a timer to talk using IPhone / IPad notification function.
Communication function is not used at all.
(Support page, connection function to homebrew application is excluded.)

The collected personal information is used as backup data of application and application.

If you use a timer, you are asking for permission for notification.

The timer can be used only for the user who allowed the notification.
The information gathered in the application is as follows.

·Information on approval / disapproval of notification
·Timer status
·Set time of timer
·Language used
·background image
·Letter color
·Background color
·Switch design
·Mascot character type
·How to display dates
·Operation mode of call timer
·Guide display
·Number of times the application is used

Based on the number of uses of the application
There is a function to display the announcement of homebrew application.

In preparation for an unexpected application exit, these pieces of information are timely
IPhone / IPad It is specification to be saved in the main body.

Even if notification is prohibited,
By setting “Allow notification” on the setting side,
Then you can use the timer.

Do not invalidate sound at this time.

Because it is a voice timer application, even if voice is invalid, timer
It is set not to move.