⭐️App overview(alarm clock)

App overview

This application is an alarm clock that speaks the time using the notification function.

I’m talking for 30 minutes using 60 30-second voice notifications.

This app is a rare app that talks about the time.
This is not difficult when the app is running,
If you try to notify the time by voice notification, it will be difficult at once.

It is necessary to create data in advance for the voice sent by voice notification.

The alarm clock can be used 24 hours a day.
It is necessary to prepare audio data for 24 hours.

In short, it’s a hassle.
It’s much easier to make an alarm clock that plays music.

This app speaks the time every 5 minutes.
Talk about the elapsed time to fill the gap.

In addition, the phone sounds and the school chime sounds.

It will continue to ring for 30 minutes until you stop the alarm clock.

Launch the app and stop the alarm clock.

In addition, “Sun”, “Mon.-Fri.”, and “Sat.” are designs.

It does not alway work as setting.

This app runs out of all voice notifications at once.

When you stop the alarm clock, only the next boot will be automatically registered.

Used notifications are automatically reset when the app starts.
If you leave it ringing for 30 minutes, it will not ring again.

Therefore, you will receive a notification every day at 20:00.