Introduction of Talking Alarm/BLUE

It is a design under development.
It is a paid version only design.


The compatibility of the design is thrown away and it is remade.

The system is also being readjusted.
The release will take some time.
I don’t have to rely on emojis.

My weapon is color.

Even if it is said to be strong, it does not sell.
It doesn’t sell well even if it is fashionable.

Both of these are true,
It speak English.

If you set the time to 7 am
When the time comes, it keeps talking the repeating.

About 40 times in 1 minute

After 3 minutes, the elapsed time will be spoken.

This will also be repeated.

I’m talking for 30 minutes from 7am.
And the sound of a vacuum cleaner,sound of rain

If your iPhone is out of reach, keep talking until you stop it for 30 minutes.

To stop it, you need to operate the app.

You have to play a game to stop the alarm.

The paid version allows you to adjust the difficulty level.

The free version cannot select Easy mode.

This is a video I made old time ago.
The design has changed, but the operation is the same.

If you want to control the strength of the alarm, please purchase the app.

I don’t need music.
Does the music tell you the exact time now?


This is a good designe app.

You can find practical apps everywhere, but few are good designs.

There is more than one design.

That is innumerable.

And when it comes to alarm clocks using emoji, only my app.

It is natural that the performance is good.

I am proud of the color.

The performance including the design is second to none.
You can also cute design. You can also cool design.

There is no other app that can do that.