Introduction of Morning Alarm

I’m thinking of porting an old design to a modern system.

In that case, it will be a different application from “Morning Alarm”.
Cool design without emoji.

I’m working on other apps so it will be released in a few months.

I think it would be nice to bring a design of this that no one can imitate to the latest system.

Of course, for the paid version,

I can do endlessly cool designs.

This is the Japanese version,
Do you need this kind of design?
I am better at a cool design than a simple design.

Should I add this kind of design to the paid version?


Think of one alarm as 30 minutes.
That is the specification of this app.

The paid version can be made strong and weak.

The real problem, the only way to do it is with voice or music.

It’s the same with other apps.

This app is an app that will tell you the time regularly.

It’s an app made by people who can’t get up in the morning.

This is a rare app.

The paid version is easy enough to play as a game.
The free version is like a puzzle that can only be solved by seriously doing it.

You have to play it at least twice.It means that the free version cannot be adjusted to your liking.You can stop the paid version with one touch.

The free version will not stop until you touch it at least 75 times.
You need to do it twice.

Even though they look the same, the tuning is completely different.

If you want to use it as a stylish app easily, you need to make it a paid version.