Introduction of Alarm Clock(S)

A powerful and “fashionable” alarm clock that keeps you talking for 30 minutes.

There is no other app that tells you “Elapsed time”, even if there is an alarm that speaks, or an alarm that speaks the time.

Does the alarm clock you use now tell you the time?

· Easy operation
· Excellent visibility

· Alarm clock function (maximum 30 minutes)
・Function to talk time.
・Function to talk elapsed time.
・Various warning sounds.
・Voice message.

For use over a daylight saving time switch,
The alarm may not sound at the correct time.

This application uses IPhone / IPad notification function.
If you refuse to use notifications, you will not be able to use any function related to the alarm.

No sound will be heard when the silent switch is enabled.

This app can only set the time from midnight to 11:55 am.

If you want to use it at other times, please use “Talking Alarm Clock(R)”.

It is the function that I added newly.
The switch which shines

I think that this function is worth downloading application!

It is an image under development.
I think it will be announced soon.







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