⭐️Introduction of “Game & Alarm Clock + “

This is the next version.
This time, it fully supports one-handed operation.

The time zone is displayed.
You can’t confuse the morning with the afternoon

You will be notified of the alarm set time

I am working on improvements every day with the aim of making the app easy to use.

Now that the “display” is the “operation button”, if the interface design is based on the iPhone X, you have to operate the upper operation button considerably.

However, if the operation buttons are made smaller, the operability will deteriorate.

I was at a loss because of that, but after thinking about it for a day today, I found a way to solve it.

Currently, it is an application that can not be operated with one hand, but we will modify it to an application that can be operated with one hand.

I think it will take about 2 weeks to make small adjustments while creating new functions.

The next version will also be able to operate with one hand.

And create one old-fashioned simple awakening.

This is a design specifically for this app.

You can change the difficulty setting.

There is no other alarm clock that can use emoji.

Have you seen a big one? 😬😩🙄

Can be rotated.

This is a function only for this app.