Introduction of Morning Alarm

A problem has been found with Snooze initialization, so it is being fixed.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

At present, snooze continues forever, ignoring the prescribed number of times.

There is no other way than leaving it for one hour from the specified time.

This is next version.
You can use your own photos.
I will increase the price little by little.

it is best to buy it while it is cheap!
Combination of emoji and photo
There is no other app like this.

The faster you get, the better.





I’ll write my future plans.

The paid version will be even more cute.

One of the ideas I use is clothes.

And print pattern,

If the polka dots in the above image are emojis,

It pretty!

And there are countless emojis that can be used and will continue to increase in the future.

This feature is a paid version feature.

Right now, we are temporarily lowering prices until the free version is released again.

There is no app dedicated to cute.

In addition, it is an application developed based on the concept of fun to use, fun to see, and want to show to people.

Of course, there are other features and features that can not be defeated,

Selling is design,

Please consider it.

Talking emoji alarm (S) has been price cut

Until now, the talking alarm clock (R) could be stopped with one button,

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