Introduction of A.Clock


A.Clock is an IPhone / IPad Alarm Clock application.

Launch the application when setting the alarm.
Launch the application when stopping the alarm.

Alarm activation time is limited to 30 minutes, but it is very powerful.

Morning only alarm
Introduction of A.Clock

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I will review the relationship of application guidance, but I will post documents describing the application I am submitting to Apple.

Now, the most appropriate explanation material is this.


It is an alarm clock that speaks. The time that can be set in the alarm clock is from 4 o’clock in the morning to 9:55 in the morning, the setting time is in units of 5 minutes.
What you can do with this application is only settings related to wake-up and wallpaper display,
You can also export photos in the photo folder on the Save screen.
The double circle on the upper left shows the base of the second hand of the clock. You can check 15 seconds to 30 seconds and 45 seconds to 60 seconds with this second hand.
The line at the center right of the screen shows the current minutes with Roman characters. (Photo mode)
Wallpaper is created on the spot by overlapping multiple wallpapers already built in advance. (Photo mode)
All the pictures are processed using what I photographed.
Speech synthesis uses and uses the swift speech function. The sound of the watch, the sound of the chime, and the sound of the telephone are the ones that purchased the sample material from the vendor.

About the mechanism of alarm operation
Sixty local notifications with sound are set while shifting time by 30 seconds from the set time.
We prepare 60 sounds of 30 seconds and flow it as speech of 30 minutes.

Alarm operation is possible even while launching the application.
In that case, an alarm will sound for 60 minutes from the specified time.

Even if you touch any part of the touch panel, the selection menu will come out.

Five selection switches are displayed in the selection menu, but the switches are arranged only in the upper part of Color and the upper part of Image.

If you place it on the screen at once, it is cumbersome to see and hides as a measure to avoid being difficult as a difficult application.
The hidden switch on Color is change of character color, the hidden switch on Image is the wallpaper mode change switch.

These hidden switches are designed to display switches only when they are touched and operated.
Although the switch body is hidden with emphasis on designability, it is arranged near the related function, and at the moment of operation, the switch body is made visible so that you can understand what happened to the customer We are concerned about not being.

The only functions hidden by the convenience of the design are these two switches.
There are no other hidden elements.

This time, we added a function that can display emoticons and pictograms.
These emoticons and pictograms usually have the same functions as letters, as well as the ability to change the size and rotate.

By the way, A. Clock is the prototype of the system adopted by S.Timer and S.Watch.

What you can not do with other applications can be done with this application.

In addition, this application employs a 7 button system.

It seems like a system with five button systems, but …

This application contains only monochrome photos.

You can only change the color of this application.

Adoption of 7 button system of S.timer and is undecided.

The hiding place of the button is right above the color and the image.

If you like, please try it.

Although the application’s marginal performance is light, it may be several dozen times.


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