Introduction of “Puzzle Alarm PRO “

There is a problem that the guide voice cannot be disabled.

The default operation sound is enabled.

These sound problems are something that some people hate.I’m fixing the app now.
The default operation sound is eliminated.
It will only speak the bare minimum of important messages.

I plan to re-release it as soon as possible.



Can you read this kanji?
You have to memorize how to read kanji.

Even if you have a Japanese keyboard, you can’t find it unless you know how to read it.

You can use this app just by selecting a kanji without knowing how to read it.

Although the number of registered kanji is small, it is an extra function of the alarm clock.

This app is the only app that allows you to use kanji comfortably.

Only this app can save the wallpaper created by the app to the photo.

Please download if you are interested.
And if you don’t like it, delete it.

There are only apps for studying kanji in the American app store.

This is an alarm clock and photo editing app.
You can make wallpaper with this app.

It is an application that can make one wallpaper in the world.

This is the answer.

Is there any other app that tells me the set time for the alarm clock?

This display will never make a mistake in time, right?

This is my answer.

The wallpaper creation function is a service.