⭐️Introduction of “Puzzle Alarm + “

This is the next version.

You can make stylish designs,

This is the next version.
The operation method of the application has changed.

Select by tap
Swipe up or down to determine
Swipe left or right to move pages.

This is the lock screen of my smartphone.
I like it.
I made it myself.
I made it with the app I made.







You can also do something like this.

It is energy saving.
The app that checks your sleep quality keeps the app running all night.
If I forget to charge it, I don’t know if the battery is left.
This application will notify you of the time with the notification function.

Enter a random password to stop it.
an app, is used emoji.
Snooze is powerful.
I regret it if I use it.

I got a complaint that it was too strong.
I have all the settings open.
Pay attention to the snooze function.

👉App overview