Introduction of “Talking Alarm Sushi-Kanji / Sushi bar-Kanji puzzle! games”

Working to support ios14.
Basically it works fine, but
It is not currently compatible with the new iPad.
Permission to access photos also does require you to modify the message.

This time, when I reviewed the system over a day, I found a lot of display defects.

I think we can release it soon, but we are currently fixing the app.

It is an application that you can put kanji in photos.
All you have to do is select the kanji, so anyone can easily enter it.

I am fixing the wallpaper switching system.

The system is simple and easy to understand.
Photos are easier to use.
It will be supported in the next version upgrade.


Benefits of purchasing an app
You can adjust the alarm settings to your liking.
You can also stop the alarm with one touch.
You can set it to stop even if you touch it hundreds of times.
You can use kanji as the design of the application.
The created design can be written out.
You can add kanji to your own photo.
You can make your own postcard-style photo.
You can use the picture on the standby screen of iPhone.

There is no other app that allows you to easily insert kanji like a stamp.

Turn your photos into special pieces.

The alarm function is a bonus.

What is really valuable is that you can put kanji in the photo.

You can add kanji to your favorite photo.

If you export it to your photo folder, you can use it as wallpaper.

Of course, I do not write in the original photo

.Japanese people may be able to use Kanji as wallpaper, but I think it is difficult for other countries peaple.

There are about 100 types, but you can enter Kanji with one touch.

The price of the wallpaper creation function.
Please purchase if you think it is worth it.

It is a special app.

It’s no use looking for an app that can do the same for free.


It can be used as an app that allows you to enter kanji in photos.

If you want it, please buy it as it will lower the price temporarily.
Once the app is re-released, restore the price.

You can put kanji in your photo.

There is no charge for version upgrade.

In other words, it’s a good deal to buy now.