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I hate automatic translation.

Even though 40 years have passed since personal computers were on the market, It can not do the job perfectly.

Even though I do my job perfectly, it gets in the way.


France has been removed from the application distribution area with a slight mistake.

It will be back in the next version upgrade.

Recently, minor problems have occurred because the system has been largely changed.

As soon as I find it, I am making corrections.

In addition, I am modifying the system at any time.

The app is released in Japanese and English, but it is an alarm clock.

Even if you do not understand what you are talking about, it is an application that sounds with voice and various warning sounds.

It is an application that operates by touch operation, but the operation is unique but powerful alarm.

Please try it by all means because it is free.

To tell the truth, I can not understand the feelings of low blood pressure.

So, is it an application that is not enough for people who can not really wake up? I feel that.

While you get a high rating, there is also a rating that is not worthy of rating, there is also a rating that is disappointing,

As for the condition of the alarm stop, activate the app and adjust the dial-up three digit number,

It is a method that only turns the number increase, and in the case of 3 digits, it is theoretically aligned by simply pressing the button 27 times.

However, if you press the button, it will align, so, etc. If you touch the numbers, even if you touch it further, the numbers will shift, but if you press 27 times, the numbers will align in theory

Actually, there is a limit to making it easy, but it is easy to make it difficult.

Currently, there is no time limit for matching numbers.

The alarm will stop just by entering the alarm code once.

It’s a bit of a bother because you have to create an interface, but putting these two points in it makes a pretty powerful “alarm”.

At present, if you are concerned that it only happens in the red version, install the blue version and use it together, if you have IPad, it is best to use that ,,,

The descriptive text is corrected.
The next version changes in many ways.
The guidance function is enhanced.






Describe the method of stopping the alarm clock, and the behavior about the strength.

Later on, I will create a dedicated page and move articles, but for the time being, I will write it here.

It takes some time, but the specifications are also described in the application itself.
Please give me some time here.

About stop method of alarm clock

By matching the 3 digit code presented by the system side with the number

The alarm will stop.

I am imaging the dial type key.

There are four difficulty levels for stopping.

1, is the simplest setting.
Since the numbers already match, you can stop by touching the set.

2, is set so that numbers can easily match.
it is not possible to change the number that is once aligned.

3, is set so that numbers can easily match.
Also, be careful as you can change the number once aligned.

4, In the worst case, numbers do not match unless you touch them 9 times.
Also, be careful as you can change the number once aligned.

Also, when the numbers are complete with each digit, the display part under the number turns green.

When three digit number is complete, the display section set to “set” turns green.

You can stop the alarm when “set” turns green.

In addition, I can stop the alarm only by this method.

Voice notifications will not be cleared unless you release the alarm clock.

Even if you close the application, it is designed to keep talking for 30 minutes from the specified time.


About the strength of the alarm,

This application has two kinds of audio data.

Discreet voice and voice to wake up seriously ,,,

It is a setting to select the time to switch this.

1, The first 8 minutes are discreet.
2, The first 5 minutes are discreet.
3, The first 3 minutes are discreet.

4, is set to wake up seriously from the beginning.

In addition, it has become a specification that keeps talking for about 30 minutes.

I will continue talking until I stop the alarm clock.





A.Clock is an IPhone / IPad Alarm Clock application.

Launch the application when setting the alarm.
Launch the application when stopping the alarm.

Alarm activation time is limited to 30 minutes, but it is very powerful.

Actually it is a clock.
The second hand is spinning.

Illustrations displayed are emoticons

It is one of the boasting features.


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