About “MULTI TIMER 2024”

Are you the organizer?
What kind of game are you planning?
What does it take?
Is it fun to play games where you know the outcome?
Is it possible for the person at the bottom to reach the top?
There are things that humans are good at and things we’re bad at, right?
People who like sweet things but not spicy things.
People who are good at math but not good at science…
What kind of games do you plan for the parties you host?
Is it a game that can entertain the audience until the end?
Try searching for the tools you need.
Are there a free app?
Are there any paid apps?
What tools do you need?
If you want your party to be a success, consider this app.

You should have two choices: buy it or not.
Are there any apps with special specifications like this?
Even if you care about the evaluation score, if there is no other option, the only action you can take is to choose whether to buy or not.

If you don’t have the the error is acceptable, you can use it as a timer for swimming competitions.
Please put it on your desk and use it.

If you download the app and write a review with your requests, we will consider implementing it.

Do you want to know the time for each lap when you run 10 laps in a track event?
If there are many requests, we will create one.

You can do it on a low budget.
Depending on the skill of the host, it can help liven up the event.The person in the lowest rank should pay half the cost of the meal.
The person whose number is shown on the roulette wheel should pay half of the cost of the meal.
1 hamburger
1 potato
1 cola
Measure these separately.
The winner will be determined based on the total time.
The results will be announced last for those in last place and those in first place.
The person in first place spins the roulette wheel.
As a result, the person in first place may end up paying the money.
This is what I think.
This is the idea behind Japanese variety shows.

This is an app used for small competitions with friends.
Can be used for speed eating contests, time measurements in running races, etc.
How to use.
Just enter the participants’ names and the tournament name, then touch start.

The countdown begins, and the start…
After that, it will speak the elapsed time every 30 seconds.

Touching a participant’s name will end the measurement for that participant.
Touching the names of all participants will end the measurement.

The results will then be listed.
If you want to record the measurement results, please take a screenshot.

Participants’ names and tournament names can be changed before touching start.
Please touch the part you want to change.
If there are fewer than 4 participants, please delete their names.

In the results list, only participants’ times are displayed.

The timer can measure up to 60 minutes.
Also, due to the specifications of the app, it is not possible to have 0 participants.
The rightmost button label cannot be blank.

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You can edit photos that cannot be done anywhere else.

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No other alarm clock speaks the time.


This game never ends.
Keep winning until you lose.

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