About “Party timer”


This is an app that allows you to understand everything in 30 seconds.
This is an app used by a group of 5 people.
1 referee, 4 players…
You decide the content of the game.
Sweets eating race, etc.
such as tree climbing.

This is an app used for small competitions with friends.
Can be used for speed eating contests, time measurements in running races, etc.
How to use.
Just enter the participants’ names and the tournament name, then touch start.

The countdown begins, and the start…
After that, it will speak the elapsed time every 30 seconds.

Touching a participant’s name will end the measurement for that participant.
Touching the names of all participants will end the measurement.

The results will then be listed.
If you want to record the measurement results, please take a screenshot.

Participants’ names and tournament names can be changed before touching start.
Please touch the part you want to change.
If there are fewer than 4 participants, please delete their names.

In the results list, only participants’ times are displayed.

The timer can measure up to 60 minutes.
Also, due to the specifications of the app, it is not possible to have 0 participants.
The rightmost button label cannot be blank.

Privacy policy of “Party timer”