Introduction of “Alarm Clock+ Design “

The next version will support dark mode.
This is the next version.
It will be an application for horizontal screen only.
Are you sleeping to listen to music?
Are you using the alarm clock app for that?
There is no such reason, right?
Isn’t the information you want time?
There are not many alarm clocks with time signals.

This is the instruction manual for the app.
I am writing a detailed explanation that I could not write in the app store.
The one-point emoji is fashionable.
It is also devising the function of the alarm clock.
You can check the next alarms on the top page.
To prevent erroneous operation
The set time zone is also displayed.
You can switch between three designs with a horizontal swipe.
You can also customize the design to your liking.
This application is an alarm clock that talks about time and elapsed time.
The time and elapsed time are called repeatedly.
In addition, school chimes and landline ringtones
Etc. will flow.
Align the same pattern that blinks at the top of the screen and tap STOP to stop the alarm.
This app is an app that sends voice notifications using the notification function of iPhone.
60 times at 30 second intervals from the set time of the alarm,
Continue playing audio or sound for a total of 30 minutes.
Close the app when you have finished setting the alarm.
The alarm sounds at the specified time.
You have to start the app, match the emoji and stop
It will tell you the time by voice, so
You can know the time without glasses.
The notification function is not used for anything other than setting confirmation notification and voice notification.
We will only send the minimum required notifications.
You can use it with confidence.
You will be notified of the next time when the app is closed.
A confirmation message will be sent at 20:00.
You can change settings by tapping the screen.
Alarms can be set for each day of the week.
You can also turn it on / off individually.
The next alarm that sounds is displayed as NEXT.
You can set the time by tapping the day of the week for which you want to change the setting.
The setting method is a calculator type.
Set “hour” and “minute” individually.
First, set the “hour”.
When you’re done, tap Hour.
Then set the minutes.
The button display is in 5 minute increments, but each time you tap the “+”, the minute increases by 1 minute.
You can change the day of the week with the “Day” button.
You can switch between “hour” and “minute” by swiping the triangle button or the side.
Only when changing the time of the today
The current time is displayed on the screen.
After setting the time, the alarm setting menu is displayed.
You can change the settings by tapping the item you want to change.
You can select a morning message in “Destination”.
In “Alarm”, you can set the grace time to call the time and elapsed time repeatedly.
You can change the difficulty level of picture matching in “Difficulty”.
You can change the pattern of the picture matching in “Design”.
Tap “Snooze” to switch pages.
The alarm sounds at the time set in “Interval”.
Match the pictures again and stop the alarm.
If there is no “Count”, snooze will not work.
If “Cancel” is enabled, snooze can be canceled only at the timing immediately after the alarm stops.
The time limit will be counted down, so you can cancel until the display disappears.
Click “Close” to return to the original menu.
You can set the alarm clock 24 hours a day.
Even if the difficulty level is the same, the difficulty level may change depending on the pattern.
I recommend that you try and test the alarm before using it in production.
You can move pages using the menu displayed at the bottom.
Tap “Alarm” to display the list.
If you go to the “Design” page,
You can change “color”, “emoji”, and “image”.
If you want to use a photo as the background, tap “Photos” to allow access to “Photos”.
You can use your own photo as a background.
You can also export the background of this application to “Photos” as wallpaper.
By tapping “Save to photo”, the background will be exported to “Photo”.
You can change the “background color”, “text color”, and “selected color”.
There are multiple pages for “Background color” and “Text color”. You can move pages by swiping horizontally or using the triangle button.
You can move to the “Text color” and “Background color” pages by touching the pictogram.
Tap “Set” when the settings are complete.
The operation of “Emoji” is the same as that of “Color”.
The emoji below the triangle button changes the set of emoji.
If you tap the rotation mark once, the emoji will rotate. Tap it again to stop.
Tap “Set” when the settings are complete.
On the “Other” page
You can go to the privacy policy and support page.
You can set the click sound.
Click the “Feedback” button to go to the sales page of the app store.
If you swipe horizontally on the top page or menu page, the screen design will change.
You can keep the screen displayed only when you connect the power cable as a special function.
It can be used instead of a digital clock during sleep.
When used as a digital clock, it keeps talking for up to 1 hour.
Please note that no sound will be heard when the silent switch is off, even when the app is running.
This application has a function to play a demo of picture matching.
After making various settings and moving to the top page, the demo will be played 20 seconds later.
The design displayed in the demo is the design specified in “Design”.
You can stop the demo by tapping the screen.
This app itself does not have a music playback function, but you can use it while playing music with the music in the control center.
Notes on this app,
* The alarm does not sound while the time is set.
* If you leave the alarm on the lock screen for 30 minutes, the alarm will not sound from the next time onward.
In that case, please launch the app.
(When you start the app,
The alarms will be reset automatically. )
* It is recommended to check the schedule before using alarm.
* Avoid closing the app when the screen is flipped or immediately after setting the time.
Notifications may not be registered normally.
* This app uses the notification function.
If you are denied the use of notifications, you will not be able to use any alarm clock functions.
* No sound is heard in silent mode.
Please turn off the silent mode before use.
* In low power mode, the voice message may not sound.
* In sleep mode, the voice message may not sound.
* For customers using Apple Watch
Sorry for your inconvenience, but please select the notification tab from the Watch app on the top page of the iPhone and set so that the “Game & Alarm” notification is not forwarded to your Apple Watch.
If it is left unset, the notification will be forwarded to the Apple Watch side and the app will not work properly.