Introduction of “CLOCK & TIMER !”

This is the sound when the alarm clock is operating.
It will ring for an hour.

This is the dark mode design.
Please compare with other apps.
It is a design that fits the iPhone more than any app.

All videos have sound.
If you do not want to hear the sound, please play the video after setting the volume to 0 or switching to silent mode.

This is a timer demo.
Talk until you stop.

This is an example of an alarm clock.
Keep talking until you stop.
I stopped at 12 minutes in this video.

It is a timer that can measure ± 1 hour.
For example, work …
The delivery date is absolute.
And the quality is also …
Even if the work was completed on time,
You may inadvertently make a mistake.
For example, a test that determines your life …
Is it okay without reconfirmation?
Even if you can do it in time, it’s no good.
You should finish it as soon as possible and reconfirm.
Do you have the tools to do that kind of training?
That is the value of this app.
In this application, the alarm clock is a bonus.
Think about it.

Do you have the tools to do that kind of training?

Are you using your body the way you want?
Athletes are training for that.
So that you can use your body 100%,
Are you satisfied with yourself now?

You win if you get ahead of your opponent even one step toward the goal.
Are you better than you were yesterday?

How many people will be praised for the goal?
Are you in the top three?

It is an application that allows you to easily speed run in the real world.
Let’s say yesterday you had a friend and you had a hot dog eating competition!
But today you have no competitors.
But if I was recording my friend’s eating time,
You can always challenge that record.

It’s a play app, so don’t ask for time in 0.1 second increments.
If you do that, it will consume a lot of battery power.
In the first place, if you are using the erroneous operation prevention function, it will take a few seconds to cancel the function.

However, it will be enough for simple time measurement and practice!