Privacy policy of “ALM.CLOCK with talking TIMER”

It is a Talking Alarm Clock using IPhone / IPad notification function.
Communication function is not used at all.
(The connection function to the support page is excluded.)

The collected personal information is used as backup data of app.

If you use a Alarm Clock function, you are asking for permission for notification.

The Alarm Clock function can be used only for the user who allowed the notification.
The information gathered in the application is as follows.

·Information on approval / disapproval of notification
·Alarm Clock status
·Alarm Clock setting
·Language used
·background image
·Letter color
·Background color
·Mascot character type
·How to display dates
·App usage count
·Permission to access photos

This application has a function of saving and loading images.
3 internal storage, 1 external storage

You can save the image to the photo folder.
This function is valid only for users who are permitted access to photos.

Images saved to the outside can be used for standby images and so on.