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Winner and loser change in seconds.
The attack continues forever like a tennis rally.
Please continue to win that battle.

This is a game that is an arrangement of rock, paper, scissors.
The winner or loser of rock-paper-scissors is determined after 3 seconds.
During that time, the computer will turn “losing” into “winning”, so
Players also turn “losing” into “winning”.

This game is
This is a game where the player and the computer change the outcome of the match.
Winners and losers change instantly.
Please turn “loss” into “win” within the specified time.

When a player fails to react within the specified time and loses the game,
Game over.
If the game ends in a tie, the game is also over.

The number of times you compete against the computer will give your score.

Added a mode where you keep losing to JANKEN.

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