About “JANKEN 2024”

The answer is always provided.
If you give the correct answer within the specified time, the game continues.
Even if you make a mistake along the way, it won’t be a mistake.
The difficulty level of the game remains the same from the beginning.
In other words, the game ends when your judgment fails.
It’s a simple game, but it requires concentration.


→About “Party timer”

→About “Sayo Chan”

This is not a game.
A tool to measure your concentration.
Please answer in 3 seconds.
Until you get the answer wrong..

.If you lose your concentration, you lose.
If you blink and don’t realize that the situation has changed, you lose.

Winner and loser change in seconds.
The attack continues forever like a tennis rally.
Please continue to win that battle.

This is a game that is an arrangement of rock, paper, scissors.
The winner or loser of rock-paper-scissors is determined after 3 seconds.
During that time, the computer will turn “losing” into “winning”, so
Players also turn “losing” into “winning”.

This game is
This is a game where the player and the computer change the outcome of the match.
Winners and losers change instantly.
Please turn “loss” into “win” within the specified time.

When a player fails to react within the specified time and loses the game,
Game over.
If the game ends in a tie, the game is also over.

The number of times you compete against the computer will give your score.

Added a mode where you keep losing to JANKEN.

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