About “KEEPER – Time management tool”

This is an app that helps you with your morning tasks.
A voice will tell you the time every 10 minutes.
There are only two buttons to use: start and stop.
It’s easy to operate.

Long-time design (4 hours)
We support busy mothers in the morning.

The app itself supports 24-hour operation, so you can use it for any purpose.
This is an app that I would like mothers who are busy in the morning and wake up early to use.
This is an app that uses the notification function of iPhone/iPad.
The app is only used to start and stop the alarm.
After registering the alarm, please close the app.
Due to the nature of the app, in environments where notifications cannot be sent at normal times,
It doesn’t work properly.

Please be careful if you are using “Foucus Status” or “Do Not Disturb”.

To avoid problems, it would be helpful if you check the operation before using it in production.

This app does not have a reservation function.
Before using it, you must start the app and register an alarm.

Privacy policy of “KEEPER – Time management tool”