Privacy policy of “Sayo chan”

It is an application that puts text on the photo prepared by the customer.
No communication function is used. (Excluding the function to connect to the support page.)

To save the processed photo in the photo folder,
You need to allow “Add photos to Photo Library”.

In preparation for sudden app termination, timely information in the app
It is designed to be saved in the iPhone /IPad body.

The data saved by this application is
・Data related to speech balloon
・Data related to lead lines
・Text entered in the app
・Data such as coordinates related to text
・Letter color
・Background color
・Data related to screen effects

When this application loads the photos prepared by the customer into the application,
Browse the Exif information stored in the photo.
The only information the app uses is the photo size.

The photo data being created is retained even if the app is closed and the app is in the background.
Photo data will be discarded when the app is completely closed.

About “Sayo Chan”