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If you add a Japanese keyboard, you can use Kanji.
Any character that can be typed on the keyboard can be displayed.
The English version only has English explanations.
Once you learn the functions, you can use it in any country.

I couldn’t find an app that supports mirror writing in Japan.
That’s why we added support for mirror writing.

Also, since it only makes sense for Japanese people, the English version does not support it, but if you change the language of the app to Japanese
You can use vertical characters.
If you are interested in Japan and are interested in kanji, please give it a try.

It is an application that can be processed like this.

Add flashy and colorful text to your photos.
The processed photo is saved in the photo folder as a separate photo.
It is a photo processing application that can be decorated.
Supports speech balloon can also be used.
You can use 8 zoom and rotatable labels.
3 colors can be used for each label.
You can easily create flashy photos.
It can also be used for POP creation.
You can make fashionable and cute photos with good taste.
It is an app that can do a lot.
Supports speech balloons,
Everyday common sights
You can make it as one frame of manga.
Have a photo of your cat ready.
Add a balloon and text to double the cuteness.
Eight created data can be saved.
If you prepare stock in advance,
Just reselect the photo and modify the text,
You can easily process new photos.
From the beginning, you can use three colors as a function.
Colorful label can be used without any special operation.
Of course you can change the color.
* Supports portrait, square, and landscape photos.
* The resolution of the created photo is lower than that of the original photo.