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This is free.
Paid apps and free apps do the same thing.
In the end, it’s just playing sound.
Try it before you buy a paid app.
I’m trying to make money with a new app

It’s a selfish assumption, but I think that free apps that make money with video ads only play music.
Or just stream a YouTube video when it’s time…

All you can do with your iPhone is play the sound.

Can you wake up with an alarm that just plays meaningless sounds?

This app is different.
He/she speaks time properly in English.
You can get an app that tells you the time at this low price.

Not a subscription.
This is low price app.

This app is very special.
I think anyone can make an app like this,
No one will create it.

It takes a lot of time to make.
Unless Apple makes a talking alarm clock,
Alarm clocks that speak the language of the nations will not be made.

If the app is running, you can create a voice on the spot and have it speak, but you have to create voice data in advance to make it speak on the lock screen.

This application speaks the time in 5 minute increments.
Creating this data is time consuming.

No one will make such a troublesome app with a free app!

You can change the difficulty of matching pictures.
Video is the highest difficulty.

This is an app that I made for myself.

That’s why I’m making it with no regard for profitability.

It’s not like the commercial apps out there.

I want everyone to use it, so I’m selling it at a low price.