About “TALKING ALARM 2024”

This is the 2024 version of an alarm clock that speaks the time.
Especially recommended for those who don’t like mornings or lack confidence!
You can definitely wake up in just 3 minutes! Wake up with sounds and talking.

You can tell the time just by listening without looking at the screen.
Also, since they speak repeatedly, you won’t miss anything.

The way to stop the alarm clock is to match the pictures.
Match the top and bottom pictures to stop the alarm.

Random sounds that make you want to wake up immediately.
That’s why it’s hard to get used to, that’s why I can wake up.
App features

Touch the screen to display the menu.

Function 1: Alarm clock

An alarm clock that tells you the current time.
Along the way, you will also be notified of the elapsed time.

You can set the start time of the alarm, the day of the week, and the difficulty level of the game when stopping the alarm.
You can set up to 8 alarm clocks.
It has a label function so you can manage it by purpose.
Function 2: Time signal

You can set the time signal.
It speaks the time at specified intervals.
If you have this feature turned on, it will be called until the app is closed.
Notify the time periodically.
Function 3: Lock function

If you turn on the lock function,
This will prevent you from changing the settings in the middle of the night while you are half asleep.

If you use the app without closing it, the alarm will ring for up to 1 hour.

This is a convenient function when using this app as a clock at night.
Function 4: Confirmation function

When you close the app, you will be notified of the next alarm time.

You will also be notified of the alarm confirmation at 8pm.
Function 5: Design

Although it is a small feature, you can change the design and color.

Notes on this app:
*Only the alarm clock function uses the voice notification function of the iPhone/iPad itself.
If you do not allow us to notify you,
The alarm function will end when you close the app screen.

*If you leave the alarm on the lock screen for 30 minutes, the next alarm will not sound.
In that case, please launch the app.
(When you start the app,
The next alarm will be automatically reset. )

*For customers using Apple Watch

We apologize for the inconvenience, but select the Notifications tab from the Watch app on the top page of your iPhone.
Please set the settings so that “talking alarm” notifications are not transferred to your Apple Watch.

If left unset, notifications will be transferred to the Apple Watch and the app will not work properly.

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This is free.
Paid apps and free apps do the same thing.
In the end, it’s just playing sound.
Try it before you buy a paid app.
I’m trying to make money with a new app.

It’s a selfish assumption, but I think that free apps that make money with video ads only play music.
Or just stream a YouTube video when it’s time…

All you can do with your iPhone is play the sound.

Can you wake up with an alarm that just plays meaningless sounds?

This app is different.
He/she speaks time properly in English.
You can get an app that tells you the time at this low price.

Not a subscription.
This is low price app.

This app is very special.
I think anyone can make an app like this,
No one will create it.

It takes a lot of time to make.
Unless Apple makes a talking alarm clock,
Alarm clocks that speak the language of the nations will not be made.

If the app is running, you can create a voice on the spot and have it speak, but you have to create voice data in advance to make it speak on the lock screen.

This application speaks the time in 5 minute increments.
Creating this data is time consuming.

No one will make such a troublesome app with a free app!

You can change the difficulty of matching pictures.
Video is the highest difficulty.

This is an app that I made for myself.

That’s why I’m making it with no regard for profitability.

It’s not like the commercial apps out there.

I want everyone to use it, so I’m selling it at a low price.